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Letter from the President

To the faculty and students:

Welcome to Barnham Graduate School and Seminary College. Since the founding of the college, we have been guided by a vision to help non-traditional students realize their full potential. As a former student, I am sincerely humbled to proudly serve as your President. Without the support of my loving husband, family, and Chancellor Barnette the journey from student to President would have not been possible.

Barnham GSSC is a private college that continues to provide our students with an educational experience that challenges students to lead a more successful life. We are committed to offering affordable tuition to our students. What many students do not know is that our scholarships are self-funded through the activities of our alumni and faculty. Our faculty, much like the Apostle Paul, are tent markers; we support our families through other professions and serve as professors at Barnham GSSC because it is our passion to grow this college beyond the expectations of traditional Christian Education.

The past two years have been filled with challenges for our faculty and students. We are excited a new year is here and with it an opportunity to move forward. For many of our students, we look forward to you defending your doctoral dissertations in advance of graduation in July. For our new students, we look forward to developing a relationship with each of you.

Barnham Graduation School and Seminary College has always been more than a college; it is a family. We welcome both old and new students for the 2022 academic year. Please know Chancellor Barnette and I are accessible should you need any assistance.

Dr. Loretta L. Higgins, CPA, CAA

President of Branham Graduate School

and Seminary College

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