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Barnham Graduate School and Seminary College


Letter from the Chancellor



Throughout Barnham Seminary’s history, the mission of the graduate school has remained faithful to the Word of God. It has been my privilege as Chancellor of Barnham Graduate School and Seminary College,  to help pave the way for an ongoing tradition of excellence. Barnham has a board, faculty, and student body who love the Lord and who desire to advance the seminary. The success of Barnham has a tradition of listening to students, faculty, staff, and friends in our community, and to our alumni, and pastors to draw from the collective wisdom and counsel. Barnham is an Inter-denominational Evangelical Seminary whose focus is an academic scholarly learning environment.


As an inter-denominational seminary, we strive to offer a well-rounded educational and spiritual experience that is grounded in the inspired, infallible, and inerrant scriptures. Our uncompromising commitment to the classical doctrines of Christianity will be readily apparent in a world in which these biblical truths are increasingly being challenged, reinterpreted, or even discarded altogether. The faculty, administrators, and board of Barnham Seminary are believers of Christ before and  Christian educators. This means that we see our educational ministry as part of a larger mission, common to all Christians.  For this reason, courses are formed to appeal to a broad base of evangelical Christians seeking an answer to the unorthodox, modern, and postmodern theologies influencing the church today. The graduate programs are deliberate, and carefully designed to fully equip you with the knowledge, moral fiber, and ability necessary to achieve each student’s goals as a Christian leader. We believe that true success is not just about what you do for a living, but how you live while you make a living.


 Graduate education is a key component of Barnham's research mission, and graduate students are critically important members of our community who contribute great dynamism and creativity.  Graduate students support the research of faculty, teach and mentor undergraduate students, contribute to the discovery of new knowledge, and collaborate with postdoctoral fellows, staff, administrators, and community members. Barnham Graduate School and Seminary College continues to advance its doctoral programs thus attracting the very best students from diverse backgrounds.


While my vision is global, my focus is local, keeping Seminary costs affordable to serve our diverse population of adult learners.  Even in our challenging economy, we offer small, interactive classes and highly-qualified faculty with real-world experience. Barnham offers you the knowledge, skills, and career opportunities to expand your ministry and hold a professional degree.


           It is my great pleasure to serve you as Chancellor of this Seminary.


Dr. Tom Barnette

Tom Barnette


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