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Doctor of Theology Th.D


Doctor of Theology  TH.D. (46) Credit Hours Program

The degree of Doctor of Theology has been designed specifically for those ministry professionals who wish to pursue advanced studies relevant to their own particular profession and practice.  Advanced understanding of appropriate theological and theoretical concepts. The student will gain the professional integration of theory.


Doctorate of Theology Requirements

                To be accepted into a theology doctorate degree program, you will need to have or be working towards obtaining a master's degree.


Doctor of Theology  required core coursework


1.19822 Reformation Apologetics: 4 Credit Hours

2.18633 Ethics, Competence, and Professional Issues : 4 Credit Hours

3.19201 Logic and Systematic Thinking Theology Theory System: 4 Credit Hours

4.18013 Human Learning and Communications Theory: 4 Credit Hours

5.18711 Counseling Conflict Resolution Styles: 4 Credit Hours

                                                                                                                                Credit Hours 20



Student must select  5 courses from the following elective coursework


1.18420 CN Measurements and Assessment and Human Mind: 4 Credit Hours

2.18770 CN Marriages and Family Theory 21 First Century: 4 Credit Hours

3.17500 CN Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories Pastoral Psychology 4 Credit Hours

4.16920 CN Multicultural Counseling in the 21 First Century: 4 Credit Hours

5.19490 Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution : 4 Credit Hours

6.19142 Introduction to  Mediation: 4 Credit Hours

7.19000 Ombudsperson Cooperative Resolution and Mediation: 4 Credit Hours

8.19342 Religious Mediation and Therapeutic Mediation: 4 Credit Hours

9.19222 Hospice and Hospital Chaplains : 4 Credit Hours

10.19225 Jail and Prison Chaplains : 4 Credit Hours

11.19382 Marriage and Family Counseling : 4 Credit Hours

12.19451 Long-Term Care Facility Chaplains : 4 Credit Hours

                                                                                                                                 Credit Hours 20


Comprehensive Examinations                                                                                    Credit Hours   6


Graduate programs that require the standard comprehensive examination, the following policies apply. Ph. D. and some of the Masters programs have their own examination requirements; consult the department for details.



Doctor of Theology  TH.D.                                                    Total (46) Credit Hours Program





Career Options for Graduates with Doctorates in Theology

                Upon completion of a theology doctoral program, you will be trained to work in a variety of positions in the religious field. This includes but is not limited to religious activities and education director, member of the clergy and professor.

Clergy Member

                With your degree, you can serve their community by becoming a member of the clergy within an organized religion's church. Job duties and titles may vary depending on the religion, but you will serve many of the same functions regardless of the specific religion. Your job duties will involve promoting spirituality and delivering religious sermons to audiences in order to inspire and guide them towards a morally good life. In many cases, you'll also serve as a counselor, helping people with their spiritual and emotional needs.

Theology Professor

                Teaching at the college and university level is another option you have. As a professor, you will teach several classes to both undergraduates and graduates on theological topics. Job duties will include preparing lectures and group discussions for students and regularly holding office hours to help them outside of the classroom.

Doctorate of Theology Requirements

                To be accepted into a theology doctorate degree program, you will need to have or be working towards obtaining a master's degree.


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