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Masters of Economic Development Philanthropy (MEDP)


Program Track 1 - Masters of Economic Development Philanthropy (MEDP)

The Master is a multidisciplinary program preparing students for a career as senior-level administrators in the private and non-profit sector. The Masters program begins with the Fundraising Philosophy and culminates with a real funding master grant. Many students have utilized this grant for their program and received funding. The Thesis is the researched and well-prepared master grant.  There are 2.5 million nonprofit programs in the United States and millions more internationally. The program and career opportunities are limitless; a well rounded and proven education in the field of 21st century Economic Development Philanthropy (MEDP) is critical to success.

Program Track 2 - Nonprofit Certificate Education

Students who do not have a undergraduate college degree may enroll in the masters Nonprofit Certificate Education. The Nonprofit Professional Development certificate programs is for nonprofit leaders who have dedicated their life to programs and specialized individual growth. The opportunity for nonprofit sector career path and opportunities is tremendous. many students have dedicated their lives to the expansions of the nonprofit program will limited access to education. In addition, many who work in the nonprofit sector come to it from different disciplines, and few have higher education degrees in management or philanthropic studies. There has never been a greater need for education in the field of Economic Development Philanthropy.




11000 ECO. Course 1 Fundraising Philosophy

13333 ECO. Course 2 Employment and Career Options of Economic Development Funding

13656 ECO Course 3  21st Century Funding Electronic Philosophy

14341 ECO Course 4 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

14410 ECO Course 5 Development Stakeholder Branding

15110 ECO Course 6 Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sector

16201 ETHI Course 7 Ethical Issues in Public Administration and Grant Writing

17230 BUS Course 8 Nonprofit​​​ Organizations Conflict, Crisis Management

17360 MED Course 9 Programs Policies Development Natural Progression

18101 BUS Course 10 Executive Director and Leadership Career

17310 MED Course 11 Leadership Trends/​​Topics in Non Profit Organizations

18130 GT Course 12 Introduction to Grant Writing 

18114 GT Course 13 Grant Research and Development

19000 GT Course 14 Grant Administration

19001 GT Thesis Course 15 Write a Master Grant program and or organization.

19001 GT Thesis Course 16 Grant written review and presentation analysis of Masters Grant thesis.   


Total Credit Hours - 66

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